Bio-digital Synthesis on Physarum Polycephalum (2020)

Bio-Audiovisual installation

The intent of this project is to explore the perceptual concurrences and dissimilarities between two parallel processes – the growth of an organic Physarum polycephalum colony and a computational simulation that mimics the development of transport networks of P. polycephalum. With time-lapse observations, image processing can be carried out on the plasmodial slime mold to characterize its growth and extract salient features to be manifested by means of sonification. Information on the contrast between the organic and artificial life can be additionally harnessed for the sonified component. In realizing this project, the bio-audiovisual assemblage will offer a speculative experience of the evolution of life by allowing the viewer to perceive the slime mold, its digital counterpart, as well as the sonic demonstration. In our initial prototype, we carry out numerous simulations, compile measurements from the rendered visuals, and implement the measurements in a nonlinear sonification system.

In collaboration with Aaron J. Juarez