Contraction Point (2015)

Electroacoustic game-performance for instrumentalist and computer music system

“Contraction Point” integrates a musical instrument, performer, performance space and feedback delay network system. 12 circularly positioned loudspeakers play back variable transposed delay lines of the input signal, creating complex sonic textures. The performer by listening walks tries to locate the loudspeaker with the highest transposition, playing a corresponding note on his/her instrument. The system tracks the note, evaluates a game score according to a success factor and contracts the transposition range of the delay lines accordingly, making the game more difficult for the subsequent rounds. In the final round the system contracts the delay time window, making the achieved game score perceivable as a harmonizing effect.


“Excellence in Art, Design and the Production of Sound” – “klingt gut!” Symposium on Sound 2016‏, Hamburg, Germany