Dialogues – Dissapearing (2018)

Collaborative composition for solo violin

Collaborative composition for solo violin

This project investigated a framework that makes possible the remote collaboration between numerous composers, enabling them to co-create a composition of instrumental music. The collaborative process is divided into three stages, a composition, a revision and a title selection stage. In the composition stage, a first draft of the score is put together by an iterative process. In each iteration, each composer proposes a new score fragment and after a voting process a single fragment is selected and incorporated into the draft score. In the revision phase, each composer successively proposes changes throughout the draft score while the rest of the composers review them. A majority voting is conducted which determines if a proposed change is adopted or rejected.

The abstract model was realized by an international group of eight composers, who with the aid of the researchers created a composition for solo violin. Statistical analysis show that during the collaborative process the composers were more engaged in some activities than in others. A phenomenon was observed in which the composers who achieved early selection of their fragments were more successful in having more fragments selected in the subsequent iterations. The final composition achieved a relatively high degree of coherence according to the opinion of the participants. The closing discussion suggests further improvements for the framework that may enhance the productivity of the group and lead to more sophisticated outcomes.


Takuto Fukuda

Katharina Roth

Carlos G. Hernández

Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis

Alexandros Spyrou

Sehyung Kim

Lula Romero

Yulan Yu


Artemi Maria Gioti

Kosmas Giannoutakis