Live Coding Music with Brain Control Interface (2024)

Brain waves and muscle tone signals are captured by the Brain Control Interface and live mapped/coded to parameters of SCTweets. SCTweets are code snippets that, when executed, produce music pieces of various degrees of duration, sonic intensity, and complexity. They typically have a short length and are shared by a community of creative coders on social media platforms. The intimate coupling between the performer and the algorithms unfolds a dynamic sonic mayhem that traverses noise, drones, rhythmic irregularities, and fragile frequencies. My artistic research seeks to explore a post-human manifestation of musical expression through intricate interconnections of somatic and machinic data streams that coalesce through non-hierarchical intensive extemporization.

Performance at EMPAC Studio 1—Goodman with 5th order Ambisonic system on 23/02/2024

Performance for MY _ IS AN ECOSYSTEM at Harvestworks Art and Technology Program on 05/03/2024