Metabolism (2014)

Game-piece for flute, clarinet, oboe, violin, violoncello and piano

An acoustic composition in a game piece form. Although following a fixed score, the performers change their performance status dynamically and affect the acoustical behavior of their instruments. The changes come as the result of “stochastic processes”, in which the performers play a game. The pianist, who has the role of the moderator scratches a string, while the other performers play consecutively but freely a gesture and a pause. After an undetermined time interval the pianist stops the scratching and hits the key. At this time point the performers have to choose if they are going to change their performance state to a higher or lower level, according to if they are playing the gesture or pause at this time point. The woodwinds will attach or detach parts of their instruments while the strings will loose or tight their strings. After 5 stochastic processes, they repeat the first part of the piece with the acquired performance states. In every performance various part of the composition will be acoustically colored differently by different instrumental part combinations.

Written for the Divertimento Ensemble
With the support of the Harry and Alice Eiler Foundation, Inc.

Full Score