Sonic Current (2016)

Sound Installation

Loudspeakers and microphones, installed according to the specific twisted geometry of the site, transform the Twist in MUMUTH into a sculptural “sonic conscious” organisms. Sounds from visitors, environment or other exhibited installations, captured as external sonic stimuli by the microphonic “ears”, are distributed over a digital, audio rate artificial neural network. Inside the high-dimensionally dynamic, self-regulating network, sound circulates recursively in multiple recurrent layers, resulting to diversely fragile resonant frequencies. The network output is assigned to the loudspeakers, which radiate the neuronaly processed resonances back to the Twist. The emitted sound flows tangentially on the twisted surface and re-enters the network, while is reflected simultaneously in a peculiar twisty manner to the surrounding space. Sound, as information, electric current or organic fluids, is the precious vital substance that sustains artificial “sonic life” on the Twist.


ALife Art Award 2018, honorable mention, ALIFE 2018 | The 2018 Conference on Artificial Life, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Odaiba, Tokyo Waterfront City Lying, Japan.